Learn to Skate Program
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Basic Skill Levels
How to Get Up - March in Place - Marching Steps - Marching Steps into Two
Foot Roll - Two Foot Squat - Marching Forward in Circle, Both Direction -
Beginner Toe Stop
Forward Skating (8-10 Steps) - Forward One Foot Roll (5 Count) - Toe Stop -
Two Foot Squat - Curves - Forward Scissors (3-4 in a row) -Backward Scissors
(3-4 in a row)
Beginner Forward Crosses - Forward Stroking – Backward Scissors (6-8 in a
row) – Advanced Toe Stop – ½ Scissor Pumps on Circle – Rocking Horse –
Two Foot Jump (No Turn) – Shoot the Duck
Forward Crosses (5-6 in a row) – Two Foot Turn – Backward Scissors into 2-
Foot Roll (6-8) – Forward Outside Edges on Circle – T-Start into T-Stop – Two
Foot Jump, Forward & Backward – Slalom – Backward Toe Stop
Consecutive Forward Crosses – Backward ½ Scissor Pumps in Circle –
Forward Arabesque/ Spiral – Bunny Hop – Backward One Foot Roll –
Backward Outside Edges on Circle – Backward Inside Edges on Circle -
Advanced Two Foot Jump – Mohawk Turn on Circle, Both Directions – Two
Foot Spin (3 Revolutions)
Backward Crosses – Back Strokes – Forward Outside Edge Three Turns –
Forward Cross Behinds – Forward Arabesque 8-10 Count – Bunny Hop/
Forward Arabesque/ Shoot the Duck – Two Foot Spin (3-5 Revolutions)
Backward Cross Behinds – Advanced Back Crosses – Spread Eagle –
Backward Arabesque – Forward Inside Pivot, Both Directions – Lunge, Both
Legs – Forward Inside Edge Three Turns – Beginner One Foot Spin
Advanced Forward Crosses – Advanced Backward Crosses – Waltz Jump –
One Foot Upright (2-3 Revolutions) – Double Bunny Hop – Side Toe Hops –
Ballet Jump – Mazurka – Backward Crosses into Back Outside Edge
(Landing Position, Both Directions)
South Amboy Arena
Wednesday Open Group
Skate Lessons
6 weeks for $60.00
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
All Ages Welcome
(Skate Rental Extra)

30 minute Lesson
30 minute Practice Time
(Advance Payment Required)
Cheap Skate  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Certificate of Completion
for each
Skill Level completed
Professional Instructor(s)
Certified Assistants
For More Information
Jackson Skating Center
Skating Classes

Saturday Class
(Coming this Fall)
10:30 am  - 11:00 am
All Ages Welcome
(Skate Rental extra)

Tuesday Class
Little Kids on Wheels
(Coming this Fall)

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Ages 3 to 6 years

For more information on
Saturday Class &
Little Kids on Wheels
Private Lessons
available at
South Amboy Arena
Jackson Skating Center
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